Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Restrain Thyself

The snow has finally stopped. Dearest one tried to drive to work yesterday but came home on the back roads after he felt the tire of the car drop off the edge of the road right when a big truck was passing him. It had been a total whiteout before the truck passed him. Dearest one was gone for half an hour and had only driven a few miles. The Puglies were esctatic when he came home again. Dearest one is the preferred human in our home although they set to howling and making noise when I came home on Sunday. The Yoga Pup sounds like he is a dying car battery when he howls. Just when you think he can't make another howl he gives it a valiant try and the car sounds nearly dead.

I'm off again tomorrow for a ladies' weekend. I'll be one of a dozen women sharing her journey with a great group of women. I just finished trying on the fancy schmancy new dress I bought for the occasion along with new shoes. I am going to take the shoes off as soon as I'm behind the podium. I had to try on the dress because I thought it might not fit. Do you ever have those days? The ones where you wake up and feel like you are a beached whale and are sure you somehow gained 10 pounds while you were sleeping? Then another day you wake up and feel like someone poked your skin like it was a balloon and you fit in your skin again? It is so weird. Most of the time I take that in stride but I had visions of slipping this very pretty dress over my head only to have it get hung up on my hips. It floated right over them which just goes to show me once again that what I think and what reality is don't always match up.

I always keep my chat windows closed on FB. I opened it the other day to try and get only daughter's attention and forgot I did so. This afternoon youngest son sent me a message and chatted with me and it made me feel important in his life. He just wanted to say hi and see how my day was going which was a nice surprise. When I unexpectedly got kicked off the chat thing I just about phoned youngest son to say that I was sorry I got kicked off, I'd be right back, but then realized how ridiculous that would be and gave my head a shake. While I'm not a luddite I sometimes wonder what affect all this technology is going to have on my grandbabies one day. I could have a rant about that but won't. My children are saying, "Thank you Jesus" over my restraint.


Garnet said...

Why stop at taking your shoes off when you're behind the podium? (You made me chuckle because I expected you to say next that you'd get really comfortable, and take your dress off too.)
I hope your share goes well.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh I can so relate to the 10lbs gain over night for no reason whatsoever. I also know that sound of the sad howling pug...mine have been up to no good lately...

I did not know you're on FB...we should friend sometime...:-)

Great post, enjoy your time on your journey with the other women.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm on facebook too :)

I love it when ya'll talk about your pugglies!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at your women's meeting. Starting to get flowers here in Chicago at long last. Hope yours follow soon!