Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gratefully Roosting

I am so grateful tonight for the things I have learned.
And for the opportunities to practice and keep on learning.

If you would have told me 20 years ago I could choose
my attitude, my response, my outlook on life
I wouldn't have believed you
because I would've been too busy
telling you why it was ALL THEIR FAULT,
whoever they were.

Today was one of those days of grumpy people
grumping their way through the day.
I am the first person to deal with the public and others at work.
I'm grateful I didn't feel the need
to take any of the grumpiness personally.
Nor was I grumpy in return.

I'm really grateful for a sense of humour
and to not be taking myself so seriously.
It took 4 tries of emailing a form to a coworker
before I filled it in correctly.
That I could laugh about it and know
that making a mistake is not life threatening
is huge, huge progress for me.

I'm tired.
We were out of the house before 6 o'clock this morning
and gone for over 12 hours.
I am grateful for the comfy bed that I will sleep in soon.
I might even be grateful for the Pug warmers in it, too.
They are still ruling the roost.
But somehow I bet that doesn't surprise you.

PS. The blue pugs are for Pam.


Anonymous said...

I love having choices today, and not feeling like I have to decide things immediately, and the blue pugs are adorable. Pam will love them, I think.

Owen said...

A warm post. Perfect too as I imagine it must be cold up there, must be because it is cold here and if it is actually cold here, well...

What you say about choosing how we think and feel and react is absolute truth, though I do fall short of it by-times myself.

And this, "I'm really grateful for a sense of humour and to not be taking myself so seriously." is "what the world needs now..."

Anonymous said...

Very uplifting words. Thank you

Pam said...

Thanks for thinking of me darlin' that was so thoughtful.

Cat said...

Love the pug pictures. I like to think that the only disability in life is a bad attitude but of course it took me a long time to figure that out!

Bad Alice said...

How could anyone look at those little blue pugs without smiling?

Black Pete said...

Are they with The Blue Dog Group?

annieoddflower said...

Such uplifting thoughts Hope! Thank you.

enchantedoak said...

In your comment on my blog about husbands not always being able to be there for us in a particular moment, you mentioned a couple of clues to good behavior. First, you hung up the phone with DH and had a few spicy words with God (instead of DH), and second, after you gave him the opportunity to regain his senses and he apologized, you said "We're both works in progress anyway." I don't know if you're in AA recovery, but I am and what I got from you was first, restrain your tongue from saying inexcusable things, and second, forgive and accept the imperfections and remember the good. It was a great comment from you and I really wanted to thank you. The fact that you don't buy into people's grumpiness is proof that you're progressing nicely.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This post completely rocks and is so amazing in terms of the rich lives we lead in recovery if we pay attention!!!

I adore the Blue Pugs and undersand the pugs ruling the roost, my three are all about it and they are keeping me very, very warm at night!!!

Many hugs!