Thursday, October 08, 2009

Blue Grace

This picture is for Pam. She usually posts a picture of something blue daily but spent last night caring for her mom so wasn't going to be able to post this morning. That link in the previous sentence really is a must read.

Yesterday Pam ended her post by saying look for God's grace...IT'S EVERYWHERE!! and I took that thought and held it close all day. I prayed that God would give me the eyes to see His grace everywhere.

And God did. Especially in the noon hour AA meeting I attended. Miracles abound if we just open our eyes. Or rather, have our eyes opened.

Late in the day I was able to address a situation at work that had irritated the hell out of me, with grace and humour. Got my point across without having to be a bitch about it. Who would have thunk that was possible? Yesterday the topic at the AA meeting was change. I heard incredible stories of change that are only possible by the grace of God. So often I feel like I am standing on Holy Ground at an AA meeting.

And speaking of change, they say up here to wait five minutes and the weather will change. Ha. Yesterday's snow melted and fresh snow covers the ground this morning. I think I'll have to wait longer than 5 minutes for the weather to change, don't you?

Have a grace filled day my friends.


Owen said...

Thanks be to God for grace. My yesterday began horridly but with perseverance and Grace it ended beautifully.

Gin said...

Love this! Our weather hasn't changed in months and it probably won't for another month or so.

Cat said...

Wonderful ending for a wonderful post.

Looking for grace to fill up my day now

Tall Kay said...

I've also been looking for God's Grace after reading Pammie's post. It really is EVERYWHERE if we're willing to seek to find it! Beautiful reminder Hope...keep seeking!

Prayer Girl said...

No change happening with our weather. It's still 90+ with heat index of 100+ and no change in sight. I'm practicing patience as I wait for a puff of cool air.

Loved your blog.


enchantedoak said...

I agree that we often stand on holy ground at an AA meeting. And that the Grace of God abundantly surrounds us if we just open our eyes, as Tall Kay says. Be blessed, as it really sounds like you are.
Love Chris A
who has found a way to blog from the hospital

Anonymous said...

SO, I'm like OMG! Hope posted a pic!
For her friend. You rock!

Pam said...

Oh darlin'-that was so very thoughtful of you. Thank you so very much for thinking of me and mama.
I'm soaked in Gods grace these days my friend.