Friday, September 25, 2009

Getting To

When I left big city far away on Wednesday morning I
was hoping to beat rush hour traffic.
Six lane freeways are busy at 6 AM.
I feel all panicky until I successfully merge onto the freeway
without either hitting someone or they hitting me.
Then I give a big sigh of relief and go on my merry way.
It's a stretch to go from driving in a city of 50K
to a city of over a million.
But I did it.
I only got lost twice this time around.
That's progress!

The upside of leaving so early is that
I saw a beautiful orange sunrise
with everything in the foreground still black.
I normally always marvel at sunrises and sunsets.
That one was extra beautiful.

Last night I stopped on my way into the house
and looked up at the starry night sky, soaking it in.
I don't remember a clear starry night
when I didn't stop and take a few breaths
while I marveled at the sight.
I can see the big dipper out my bedroom window
for part of the night.
It's a good night when I don't see it
because it means I'm sleeping
while it passes by.
A few nights a year the moon
shines right onto my face,
through my other bedroom window,
waking me up.
I feel kissed by God when that happens.

I feel very grateful for life this morning.
For the ability to do lots of things
that weren't possible several years ago.
Even though I am rarely rested,
I function at a much higher level
physically than I used to.
I was telling both the geneticist and the cardiologist
this week that sometimes in the midst of a cold winter day,
when I am getting ready to go for a walk in -24C weather,
dearest one looks at me and asks why in the world would
I do such a thing.
I tell him it's because I can.
I had too many years when going for a walk wasn't an option
and I never want to take it for granted that today I can.

Maybe I'm warped but you know on days
when it is windy, cold, rainy,
and I am outside
I think about how nice it will be to get inside,
have a cup of tea,
warm up, and sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket.
I feel grateful for the little things
like slippers for my feet
and it makes me all happy inside.
If I never felt cold I would never appreciate
how nice it is to get all warmed up.

One of my favourite childhood memories
is of going into my grandparents' home
on a cold winter day
and putting my hands over the woodburning
cookstove and warming up.
It was always a bonus if my grandma
let me lift the little round lid and
throw my kleenex into the fire.

It's not winter here yet
but this morning there is frost on my windshield.
In a short while I will be getting in my car
and driving to see Fr. Charlie.
It's another one of those days
when I'm not thinking along the lines
of "I have to..." but rather
"I get to...."
Just by being alive we get to do so much.


Black Pete said...

Like the prisoner released from bondage, run and fling your arms wide...

Tall Kay said...

We share the same bedroom window! I sleep with the blinds up and when I wake up to the moonshine on my face, I feel like God woke me to let me know He is there! You sound very peaceful today! What a gift to be grateful for the present!

Gin said...

Moonlight on my face is one of my favorite things. There is something so heavenly about it.

Anonymous said...

I just love your "I get to" posts, Hope. Thanks so much, I needed to read this today, right now at this very moment.
Love, Patty

Cat said...

Progress, sunrises and the big dipper... being kissed by god this posting was beautifully, poetically written - it makes me wish that my bed room window would allow god to kiss me as well.

Have a very good weekend.

Daisy said...

You make cold days almost seem appealing, Hope. That's quite an accomplishment in my eyes, my dear.

Thank you for sharing your peacefulness and gratitude with us. :)