Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Christening Hope

Summer holidays begin for me today.
The morning before last
there was ice on
the car's windshield.
Somehow ice and summer
only belong together in a cold drink,
not in a weather forecast, no?

Oldest and youngest sons
are leaving on a river trip today.
I told God last week that with
everything else going on in my life
something happening to either one of them
would be unbearable.
Like I can control it, you know?
Eventually I told God that I would trust
that he'd give me the strength
to deal with whatever life brings my way.
I have an unnatural fear of water over my head,
never mind a kayaks and rapids
and bears in the bush combination.
Which is to say I will stay safely on shore.

The last time I was on a lake,
which had a 300 foot bottom,
dearest one, only daughter,
youngest son and oldest son
ganged up on me
just to scare me
right in the middle of the lake.
They all laughed at the thought.
I started to cry.
I'm still not impressed
can't you tell?

For my last day of work yesterday
I was able unleash some creativity.
In my little office area
there are no less than half a dozen items
with the word hope on them.

Now, if I ever own a boat,
God forbid,
you know what her name's going to be.


Owen said...

A blessed Canada Day to you Hope.

Prayer Girl said...

God bless you and your sons as they hopefully have a delightful time on the river trip.


Wine and Words said...

I know this fear for sons(forgive me dear boys). I tell them, "If you die, I will never forgive you" and they laugh. "See you in Heaven Momma" they say as they do their dares, and push back the envelope.

Steve E. said...

Let's see-name of Hope's sboat...hmmmmmm.

Titanic? QE II ?? I give up.....

VICKI IN AZ said...

Beautiful, delightful. Enjoy your summer!

Rikkij said...

what is it about water that terrifies some of us so. The thought of 300 ft makes me kinda dizzy! ~rick

Just Be Real said...

Ahhh dear I know it is hard to release your fears over to the Lord, as it is hard for me. But, He wants you too. Your sons will have a blast. Blessings on your summer Hope.

Anonymous said...

I am mad that they ganged up on you like that! I am afraid of deep water too, although I love boating and ride a wave runner on the lake. I almost drowned-twice. Once when I was about four, I jumped into the deep end when no one was looking, well, one person was looking, the one who saved me. Then once again in my twenties in a swimming pool holding a baby. There is a reason they put those ropes across pools to separate the deep end from the shallow end, God interveined on that one for sure, thanks for rattling my brain and making me doubly grateful today Hope, and I hope you have a wonderful, warm, relaxing weekend!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh ice and sunshine, we get that sometimes here in WV, we get hail and sunshine...strange combo, eh?

I send hope for your sons river trip, I also send love and hope your way...

Steve F. said...

Guess it would be the same as the movie... "Hope Floats".