Friday, May 29, 2009

Reality Check Out Lane

"Holy crap Hope! Give your head a shake."
That's what I thought
after I walked up to a check out counter this week
and read a sign that said,
"Another associate
will be happy to assist you."
only to think it said
"Another asshole will be happy to assist you."

Sometimes what we see
and what is reality
can be two totally different things, no?


Gin said...

I will never look at that sign in the same way. Hilarious! Hope you have a great weekend!

Cat said...

I totally agree!!!

Steve E. said...

That's funny! The sign said "Asshole" and you thought it read "Associate" -grinnnnn!

(Maybe I'll get it right next time?)

Daisy said...

Ha! That's pretty funny, Hope.


Evelyn said...

I needed a chuckle! Thanks Hope!

annie said...

Here's hoping you always get the associate to check you out Hope!

Anonymous said...