Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pissyness Indeed

"Having fun yet?"

I smiled at him and said that yes, I liked my job.
He stopped in his tracks, looked at me and said how rare that was these days.
I replied that I'd been on the job less than two months.
He commented with a bit of a question mark in his voice that I still enjoyed it,
and I said I loved it.

With that we parted ways, he to do his job, and me, mine.

That was a snippet of my day.
It was a day where parts of it
contained not one iota of common sense.

I work in a building that houses big shows.
We just rent office space in the building.
The big shows are the kind where 300 exhibitors turn up
and many more come to see what they have to offer.
I arrived at work this morning
only to have the security guard quoted above
tell me that I wasn't allowed into the building
until such and such a time. Sigh.
Did not matter that I worked there.
I asked him to radio someone to see if
they could make an exception when he commented
on how uncommon common sense was
and then radioed someone who okayed me to go in.

Later on a different security guard
refused to let me go down the hall
to use the bathroom because
I didn't have a visitor's pass hanging around my neck.
I am gullible.
I thought he was joking.
He wasn't.
I felt pissy for a moment.
Well, no I didn't piss my pants.
But I was tempted to go right on his shoe.
'Cept we women can't aim like that.
And that would have gotten me
barred from the building for sure.
No such thought entered my head.
That was pure story telling
coming from a tired me
who should probably be sleeping
instead of writing nonsense.

When he refused to let me go through the doorway to
the ladies room I turned around
and crossed the pavilion to use a
no visitors pass necessary bathroom,
where I got rid of my pissyness entirely.


Gin said...

Men get to have all the fun. Sometimes I wish we women could aim! Ha, ha!

Prayer Girl said...

Each day is a new beginning.

Hopefully you will find yourself more easily able to move around at work in your new day.


Black Pete said...

There is no such thing as "common sense".

Daisy said...

Ha! You're so funny!


Cat said...

you are too funny! Glad you got rid of it!