Friday, May 15, 2009

Of Pockets and Dresses

There are two pugs curled up between my feet as I type. They try and see who can get closest to me - not unlike children who want to have the top spot. When my kids were little and it was story time, I would sit with my feet curled up under me at the end of the couch. They would call out who got to sit in my pocket; that space left between me and the arm of the couch. I read to my kids every night from the time my oldest was 10 months old until she was 16. It's one of the things I feel I got right as a mother. One of my best memories.

Yesterday I went to town and looked for a dress to wear when I give my talk at the retreat this weekend. I have two dresses in my closet. One is the what I wore for oldest son's wedding last year. Too fancy for a retreat and the other is a summer dress for summer days. With snow in the forecast yet again I somehow don't think it would work. Anyway, there were sales racks with just my size of dresses. I couldn't make up my mind so I bought two and two pairs of shoes. I have never bought two pairs of shoes at once before. Anyway I came home late and tried on the dresses for both dearest one and youngest son, thinking they'd help me decide. Ha. Youngest son got a very puzzled look on his face when I said I need help deciding. Then I said, "I need a woman." He nodded and said firmly, "Yes, you do." Only daughter where are you? She and I did try to find something for me to wear when I was with her last month but had no luck. Darn. I think I'm going to end up packing both dresses and asking for help at the retreat picking one. I feel blessed that my biggest problem today is trying to pick between two dresses. Such a life.

I'll be away until Monday night. Have a great weekend.


Gin said...

I hope you have a wonderful retreat weekend. I'm sure whichever dress you decide on it will be the right one.

Cat said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!

daisymarie said...

I imagine either dress would be and will be perfect. I'll be praying for you!

Susan Unger said...

Wonderful video. I have the same issue with the dresses! Oh help.