Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wretched Unpacker

There were two little pugs laying outside my bedroom door this morning, noses pressed to the space between door and floor waiting impatiently for me to get up. When I opened the door they ran up and down the hall like they were parading a victory flag before a crowd. They make me smile.

Dearest one and youngest son have gone off to work.
I'm alone for a chunk of time.
The longest in over a week.
I am grateful for the silence.

There are plenty of little tasks to get done today.
I am a wretched unpacker.
My suitcase could sit there for a month without me taking care of it.
I'd empty what I needed and leave the odds and ends to gather dust.
That's my pattern.
It's why I still can't find a pair of earrings I took on my trip east 6 months ago.
So today my goal is to empty the whole suitcase and put it away properly.
Life is made up of little accomplishments.
Having an empty suitcase one day post trip is more like a miracle for me.
It may very well be a first.
Change can happen at any stage in life.
Thank God.

I'm grateful for the little things today:

Wrapping my hands around a mug of tea.
Breathing in crisp spring air.
Two little pugs who dance with joy
when they see me.
I am grateful for much this morning.
Nothing huge and yet everything huge.
Life itself.

This post marks number 1000 in my little old bloglife.


Cat said...

Loved this post today - Congrats on 1000! I cannot imagine - what a wonderful time line you have reached.

My favorite line from today - aside from the wiggling pugs happy to see you was this: Nothing huge and yet everything huge....

How true.

Jim said...

Congrats on 1000; but, more than that, congrats on where you've come in this journey while writing those 1000. Just got here to discover you once again back in print and want to say you're in my prayers tonight. I yet believe God able to heal and we'll just trust Him together to meet you in this as His wisdom so ordains......

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Congratulations on 1000...that is amazing and your posts are all amazing to me; I've been in your archives many times.

My pugs make me smile all day long...they are wonderful and I love their ability to just be themselves and allow me to be me.

I hope that your unpacking went well.