Thursday, April 09, 2009

The High Road

"I like that poster."

He's pointing to a poster on my office wall that talks about how winners basically choose their attitude and instead of taking the easy road of whining and bitching, they choose the higher road. It's one of a handful of posters left on the walls by the woman who had this job before me.

I keep a straight face, but I want to let out a belly laugh so badly. He's just spent 5 minutes bitching to me about his boss and how he's going to quit his job. He stops long enough to tell me he likes the poster and then resumes his complaints.

I can't laugh too loudly, though.
I wonder how often I do the exact same thing
and remain unaware of it.
There's the ideal and then there's reality.
And while it's true that I often, by the grace of God, choose the higher road there are those moments when I think, yes, I'd like to be like that, while sinking comfortably back into the mire.


Daisy said...

lol There's definitely something to be said for irony.


Cat said...

I have done this - I like seeing pieces of how I behave in others it makes me feel closer to normal!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow, powerful point, you know it is always an eyeopener and a God Shot when I realize these things and that I do them too...thanks for the reminder...


Prayer Girl said...

If your co-worker had our program, there would be awareness of the different roads and tools to move from a whining and bitching road to a higher one.

We are blessed.

Steve E. said...

Into the muck and mire. I get there at least once each day. At least!

Thanks for reminding me there is a better road up might be 'the road less traveled'? Hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...