Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gullibe Schmullible

I am so glad that no one at work knows
how gullible I can be, it being April Fool's and all.
I can laugh at myself when caught in that gullibility
and I still blush like crazy.
But I prefer not to get punked.

Today is my Friday.
Hard not to be grateful on a Friday now, isn't it?
I was laying in bed in the middle of the night,
my head swirling with things I need to do today,
and I was thinking how grateful I am that AA has taught me
to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
When I first came back to AA I thought that a person
could only be grateful if the stars were all lined up in my favour.
I was a dead ringer for believing I was the conductor of everyone's life
and if only people would cooperate I would be happy, dammit.

I had a bit of a cynical heart.
My home group is called Gratitude 24/7.
By listening to others and then practicing a lot,
I learned how to be genuinely grateful.
It doesn't mean I pretend
I don't feel or think a certain way.
If I'm thinking "eff you" it's written all over my face.
It does mean that despite the circumstances I find myself in
I can find lots of things to be grateful about.


steveroni said...

IMHO, a group named "Gratitude 24/7" HAS to be a wonderful place for home--home group, that is.

My gratitude list can lasy forever. I am grateful for "everything", so when I go to name "everything" I should never stop.

Gratitude 24/7
Steve E.

Cat said...

I love that your home group is named that - what a good reminder!

As for knowing what you are thinking by looking at your face I am much the same way - I think it keeps me honest!

Pam said...

What an excellent group name!

Lou said...

Hope, please stop my blog, today's post has special meaning for you;)

Owen said...

Daughter works reception and other things at the huge new community center / three rink arena which is home to the local OHL team. This morning, apparently, a local radio station played and April Fools joke on the city by announcing in the early newscasts that funding had been cut and the new arena open less than half a year would no longer be home to said OHL team and that tonight's game would return to "The Barn", the aged wreck of a rink downtown. People flipped. Daughter said the phone was ringing off the hook with the puzzled and the angry. One local mega businessman called and reamed the arena out noting that he had paid for six clients of his to come from T.O. for the big game tonight. M-m-m, smart enough to make millions, dumb enough to fall for a really lame April Fools.

Finally, at the 9am newscast the station outed its prank and the calls stopped.