Monday, April 13, 2009

Gob Smacked

This video wasn't available to embed here but please go watch this wonderful bit from Britain's Got Talent: Susan Boyle. It's always a bit of a treat to see Simon Cowell gob smacked.

ht to The Anchoress


Daisy said...

That's excellent!


Naomi C. said...

for some reason i was roped into watching Britains Got Talent. Seeing Susan on stage, with her make-up-less face and proclaimations that she was a never-been-kissed devout catholic I mistook her for a fruit cake. I was cringing as she introduced herself thinking "how dare the show take advantage of off-key people" but well, when she opened her mouth, i was sobbing by the last verse. how beautiful was that. to think her voice has been hidden for so long. STUNNING! in the pub tonight people were saying that song was the easiet from Les M. but hell, I couldn't even get a word note perfect from the lyrics, let alone all of it. I slap myself for being so cynical, she is beautiful. SUSAN BOYLE TO WIN!!!!

Pru said...

This was well, well worth watching. I've heard trained singers sing that song, and this blew them out of the water. She had so much emotional connection to the song. Check out 'Britain's Got Talent Pie Jesu' on Youtube...Andrew is the boy's made me cry too.