Sunday, April 05, 2009

Friendly Music

For some reason this had me in tears as I watched. I love the Sound of Music. I used to play that record when I was in college. One morning, in a fit of spite towards our downstairs neighbours, who we'd reported for a noise violation the previous night, I played the Sound of Music loud, very loud, at 7 AM. Needless to say we were not on good terms. I did try to befried them one afternoon when I was drunk. They had company, one of their mothers, over for a barbecue. I was uber friendly after being at a work related function where there were waiters walking around with wine on trays. I walked across their lawn greeting them like long lost friends. All I remember about that attempt at friendship was how they looked at me,their eyes saying, "WTF are you doing?" And because it's all about me, I wonder if they think of me when they hear this music? :)


Daisy said...

Thanks for that HOpe. NOthing like a little dose of spontaneous joy and beauty to break up the monotony of the daily grind. I had tears as well.


Anonymous said...

That was great. Nothing like kids singing voices to bring tears to my eyes. Thanks for your comment yesterday, Hope. I forgot to give you the credit for writing stuff down before I called. That is the second time that tip has helped me. One of the best tools in my box!

Prayer Girl said...

Hi Hope,
Thanks for the many lovely comments you leave on my blogs. I appreciate them and you so very much.

I love musicals and "The Sound of Music" is one of them.