Monday, March 09, 2009

Shiver Me Timbers

It's -40C with windchill out there right now.
I'm trying to remember that in a few months
I'll be seeking out the last patch of snow
on the north side of the bushes.
I'll sink my hand in it
and remark on how deliciously
cold it feels.
Which is not how I would
decribe today at all.


Cat said...

and hold that memory for August when you will need it!

Susan Unger said...

And they said the globe was warming.
I watched the dancer schmancer. Awesome!

mile191 said...

Hope. Beautiful expression. Thanks for sharing.

Please read me today if you can. I am asking that we support my aunt with her coming out of her closet and sharing her experience on Women Doing More. If you can comment there and be supportive of her bravery...

Thanks. ALways nice to read you. Hugs..

The Real Gal said...

Appreciate you sharing, thank you.