Monday, March 30, 2009

Of Muscles, Spoons and Sleep

There's nothing like sitting behind a desk all day to cure me of spending too much time online at home. My body hurts so much right now I keep holding my breath. My body is screaming at me to take better care of all those muscles. Well, the muscles I would have if I'd been an exercise guru while I was losing weight. I only have those saggy pouches of skin that somehow on the Biggest Loser they don't have. Right, that's because they exercise like mad when they're losing weight. They don't wait until it's all saggy and the muscles that are supposed to be holding up all that skin have atrophied as well. Damn, I hurt.

All that to say I can't sit at my desk at home one more minute.

Before I leave my chair though, I am grateful for several things:

For making it through the day without causing
one single machine in the office to crash.
For figuring out how to do several tasks
that need to done on a regular basis.
That after many tries, many blank emails,
I got a scanned copy to appear in my inbox.

For 800 numbers. I answered the phone and gave people another number to know the one where they know what they're talking about?
I am glad for 800 numbers when I'm the one giving them out.
Not so glad for them when they call me at night
trying to sell me swampland in Florida.
(no offense to floridians)
For not having to walk through all these firsts alone.
For cruise control on my car.
It takes less energy than keeping my foot on the gas.

Despite the physical pain I'm in now, I had a good day.
I like the people I work with.
I have no spoons left but I plan on being in bed before 9 pm
and hope to sleep like I'm dead.
Before that I'm doing yoga
no matter whether I want to or not.
I'm glad I have choices.
I'm glad to be alive.
I'm grateful to have a job.
I'm glad I won't forever be in pain
at the end of every single work day.


steveroni said...

For all those things...I'm glad also.

Owen said...

I rejoice with you