Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Whatcha Lookin' For?

There is much to be grateful for this morning.
Every mornning really.
You get what you look for.
Don't tell me that when I'm bitchy though,
'cause I might throw something at you.

Even though I know that if you look for the negative
that's all you'll see.
Look for the positive
and it appears like magic.
When I accept life as it is,
it suddenly seems much less overwhelming.

When I start listing things I'm grateful for
it always boils down to being glad I'm alive.
I read this last night before bedtime
and felt sick for Amy and her children.
Whenever I hear of someone dying suddenly I think to myself
"Their nightmare is just beginning" because that's what
a sudden death feels like.
Wish I didn't know that, but I do.

Go hug someone.
Phone someone and tell them you love them.
Be kind for no reason at all.
Breathe deeply.


Cat said...

Hope your first paragraph had me giggle at myself the second one had me nodding in agreement - so now I will be hugging my family tonight.

Thank you for this today.


Gabriella Moonlight said...

This is a brilliant example of what blogs are know i've lost many on my journey and today I do tell those I love I love them, and those I don't know I treat with respect and admiration for their journey too! Thank you for the graceful reminder.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. Poor family.


Prayer Girl said...

Thank you Hope for the reminder that life is fragile and each moment a gift.

I try to keep things right between myself and others because I never know when I or someone else may be "called to the next life".

I love you, Hope!
I'm going in to hug Mr. Steveroni.
I'm breathing deeply and smiling at this moment.