Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Ultimate Power Trip

"..the surrender of our lives to a Higher Power is the greatest victory of which a human being is capable.....Surrender is the ultimate power trip."
~ Earnie Larsen in Destination Joy

Today I am grateful:

That I can stay home.
It's going to be close to -40C with windchill tonight.

That there is curling on TV this week.
I heart curling.

That surrender is my prefered state of being.
That a whisper to God is all it takes.
I don't know if I'll ever get over
the beauty of a surrendered life.

That even though my spoon supply
is lower than normal today
it is not the only thing on my radar screen.

That Lent starts tomorrow.
It is my favourite season of the year.

That I've learned that giving up attitudes
does more for my spiritual growth
than giving up things.

That I can do both
and live to tell about it.

That even though I feel like I'm getting a cold/flu
I don't have to make a real life drama of it.

That people care about me.
There were years when that carried me
cause I didn't care about myself.
I do today.
I thank God for that.

That I can care about others.
That I can even look outward.
There were years, too
when that was impossible.
And when navel gazing becomes my
modus operandi these days
I know it's only temporary.
I thank God for that, too.


Anonymous said...

Looking outward is the key!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, I so get the caring for others and having them care for you and noticing...that is such key!

It's cold where you are...wow!
Just stay warm and enjoy your Curling...I bet you won't give that up for Lent LOL!

Take care.