Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Painful Trust

"The emotions are energy, and they don't go away if repressed. They are stored in the body. The body is the storehouse of emotional energy that is not adequately processed. As a result, one develops blockages to the healthy flow of energy in the body and nervous system. This reinforces the need for compensatory activity to hide the pain. Addictions are the ultimate way of distracting oneself from the emotional pain one is unwilling to face."
~ from Intimacy With God, by Fr. Thomas Keating

"Without trust in God, we cannot acknowledge the dark side of our personality,our mixed motivation, and our selfishness in its raw misery. Deep prayer increases our trust in God so that we can acknowledge anything and are not blown away by it. Without that trust, we maintain our defense mechanisms."
~ Also from Intimacy With God

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anj said...

A Friend told me once that when we start attending Meeting For Worship (a type of communal centering prayer) all the voices we have been trying to silence all our lives start coming up. I have found this to be true -- in a moment of silence a few months ago, I heard "It is okay to root in fertile soil." I love it when these bits come up. Thank you for sharing this bit.