Friday, February 13, 2009

Hopeful Possibilities

I have to crank out a resume before I head to town in a few hours.
I'm undecided about the job I'm applying for, but figure I'll apply
and see what happens next.
I believe one can make a positive difference
wherever they work.

I'll also be at the treatment centre this morning to join a friend
celebrating the end of her stay there.
She has the same counselor I had when I was there.
This will be my first time of seeing said counselor
since I completed the same program a year and a half ago.

The testosterone in my home is going to be away
for the weekend.
I'll be fine until nightfall.
I'll be fine then, too.
I just prefer not to be alone at night.
I am looking forward to
not cooking. If I lived alone I would cook up a storm
once a week and stick all those meals in the freezer and
defrost them as needed. I have a whack of food allergies
so I usually am cooking one meal for me and one for the guys.
I have a stash of meals for me in the freezer right now so
the microwave will be my buddy this weekend.
I don't care if I eat the same thing for days on end.

Yesterday was our anniversary and tomorrow is Valentine's day.
We got married on a Friday;
would've been married on Valentine's Day
but it was Sunday
and dearest one only had the weekend off.

Well, my resume is still waiting to be written.
Life is full of possibilities.


steveroni said...

"Well, my resume is still waiting to be written.
Life is full of possibilities."

Hope, one possibility is that your resume will get written, and copied.

Cat said...

Have a great weekend and good luck working on that resume - Oh the possibilities are endless!

mile191 said...

Hey, happy anniversary. Hope you get to do some celebrating. My anniversary is next week. We pretty much combine the celebrations for love. I hope you have some of your own. hugs ♥

Jim said...

Happy anniversary!....

Pam said...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lou said...

I can eat the same thing for weeks on end too. Drives my husband crazy!