Saturday, February 28, 2009

Have Dog? Have Book? We'll Be Right Over!

It's early in the morning and the sun has risen.
I love the lengthening of daylight hours.
It's such a hopeful sight.

Dearest one and youngest son
are travelling all day to bring home
a little black male pug.
A playmate for the energizer bunny.
Looks like I'll have to figure out
a nickname for him, too.
I was adamant that I wasn't going to train a puppy.
Turns out this pug is a half brother to the energizer
and is a house trained 8 month old.
Should be fun around here tonight.

Only daughter's loverboy was in our neck of the woods this week.
One night youngest son met up with him so he could get a book
his sister had sent for him.
Loverboy looked at youngest son and said,
"Only your family would drive for a book."
Why yes, yes we would. (except dearest one)
We are still chuckling over that comment.
However strange we may seem,
we likes us some books.
And dogs.


Anonymous said...

Hope the doggies hit it off! Yeah! Longer days! I would drive for a book too! Have a great weekend, Hope.

Black Pete said...

As do we.

Actually, I just finished dropping a book (mine) off at a friend's. Even trade: I get a copy of his book when he publishes. That constitutes driving for a book, too.

Sheba says zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She says that a lot.

steveroni said...

Hell, I'd drive for a book. or a pack of gum, or certainly for a HERSHEY BAR.

Let's face it--I love riding my bike so much, I drive, just to make sure it still runs! And it does, just about all day--every day!

annie said...

Aw, what fun to add another doggy to the mix!

lucy said...

books and dogs? how could life be any more complete? have fun with the new pup!!

daisymarie said...

I think the black ones are so cute!