Thursday, February 05, 2009


I suddenly feel like singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer..."
Thank God you can't hear me sing because it would hurt your ears. I like to remind myself that the Good Book says make a joyful noise unto the Lord. It says nothing about being in key. When there are only 5 of us at Mass I always feel sorry for whoever is closest to me because there is no way to camouflage my voice.

This is my 900th post. Which is what prompted the song above.
One nine went looking for another and well,
that song popped into my head.
I feel pretty good about
still being here in blogland (without any beer!).

I originally started this blog to see if I could actually write.
It's been one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Despite my periodic angst about
what's the point of honing my navel gazing skills.
But here I am.
And here you are.

I just went and read the post I linked to above.
I wish I could remember who said these words to me:

"You are the closest thing to 'Jesus with skin on' in my life. But I know you aren't perfect cause you say words like 'fuck'."

I took that as a huge compliment back then.
I try to limit my use of swear words these days.
I used to think that swearing was some sort of defence
against being one of "them religious types".
These days I know there is no virtue in "us and them" thinking.
As for swearing. Some times nothing else will do.

At any rate we're all in this together as the Archbishop of Canterbury put it so well:
"The person sitting next to me, praying next to me is someone in whom Jesus is praying. I try to listen to the voice of Jesus at prayer in them. I try to see the force and energy of Jesus's life in them," he said.

"And when I try to dismiss them or make little of them, when I speak harshly to them or about them, I am in danger of destroying that place which is a place where Jesus is."

Lord have mercy.


Cat said...

900!!! Congrats that is huge!

steveroni said...

What a beautiful quote from the A of C
...just counted, I have like, 186 blogs so far. OOOH! (Can I count Emails?)

Kidding aside, this blogging which I only discovered end of June '08, is one of my GREAT enjoyments during these years. My whole being is grateful for these moments of reading, writing, commenting, and Emailing on special occasions. Sure, I could live without it, but life would not be as SWEET! Love!

Steve F. said...

Congratulations, Hope! What a very cool milestone!

I too have wondered, periodically, if what I was writing was just navel-gazing, or whether I secretly thought I would somehow write myself into right thinking. There are times - like now - when I wonder why I'm not overly inspired to be writing. But I know, somewhere down deep, that I will get back there someday soon.

And I don't force the vulgarity anymore, either - but I'm still not afraid of it. And there is still something sinfully delicious about the look that righteous folk have on their face when a sober friend of mine tells then, in all seriousness, that "Without God in my life, I'm f***ed."

As my dear mentor Tex Sample would say, "Just keep on keepin' on," sister.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations, Hopey. Good quote.

Yeah, I try to keep a lid on the swearing, working in a school and all. But there are those moments...


annie said...

I love that quote!!

Congratulations on your longevity here in blogland!! I am so glad to have discovered your blog. You are a blessing to me...

lucy said...

sometimes i sing 99 bottles to put myself to sleep at night. congrats on 900 posts!!!