Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Spitting It Out

I have 15 minutes to write something coherent.
I am not fully awake.
Our front door has to be slammed hard to shut in winter.
Youngest son slammed it so good and proper
when he left the house this morning
that I was jolted awake.

Going through my head was the song
"There is one faith, there is one hope, there is one Father of us all."
I dreamed all night of working at a grocery store.
I applied online to work at one yesterday.
In my dream there was this hospital room attached to the store.
I went in there to visit with some people I knew.
They kept telling me what I needed to do,
interrupting me
not letting me get a word in edgewise
and being bossy.
I walked out.
Had me a little attitude going.
I saw one of my sister-in-laws at the checkout counter
and told her I'd have to go and apologize to them before I went to bed.
Then I relished in telling her the whole sorry tale, especially the part
where I told them off.
Only then did I shut up.

Youngest son is twitter pated in the nicest way.
I haven't met her yet but she has endeared herself to me
already. When youngest son told her his parents were Catholic
she said, "OMG, they will hate me because I'm a Christian."
She was serious.
I asked if she was blonde. (no offense to blondes)
Youngest son was so taken aback by her ignorance
that he sputtered that we used to be Christians
and now we were Catholic.
Still makes me laugh.
He hasn't found a way to tell her we are not heathens yet.
Not that I plan on becoming a heathen.
Usually people in my neck of the woods say it the other way around.
They used to be Catholic and now they're Christians.
Lord have mercy.

Last night I submitted another pitch for a radio documentary.
After I sent it I found a typo in the first sentence.
If you want to listen to my first radio doc
leave me a comment telling me that
and I'll send you the link.

Well, my 15 minutes is up.
I have a post in the nether regions of my mind
about the letter "P" thanks to Steveroni.

I'm off to go apply in person for jobs in town.
A noon AA meeting is in the middle of it.
I'm glad I just have to do the next right thing
and can leave the outcome to God.


Cat said...

Good luck on the job hunt today!!

truevyne said...

i'm a red head so i didn't take one bit of offense. wink.

Christy said...

Catholics are Christian??? ;)

mile191 said...

nice post. thanks for sharing. i love how you write. i know those feelings and tears.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, I love this whole idea of all of it coming together when it all seems to be just all over the put it all together beautifully.

thank you for the reminder to stay in the now.

Black Pete said...

I remember in Cuba how a conservative Protestant man told us of how, in a tense situation, he prayed to the Virgin. "That was before I became a Christian," he added.