Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Road Home

" 'But' - people say to me -- 'if you consider that apart from fulfillment of the Christian teaching there is no reasonable life, and if you love that reasonable life, why do you not fulfill the commands?' I reply that I am a horrible creature and deserve blame and contempt for not fulfilling them....Blame me, and not the path I tread and show to those who ask me where in my opinion the road lies! If I know the road home and go along it drunk, staggering from side to side -- does that make the road along which I go a wrong one?"
~ Leo Tolstoy

I quite like this quote. Don't we all just stagger from side to side no matter what our particular story is?

The AA meeting last night was quite good. I learned something from each person who spoke. It was my first experience of a Big Book Study meeting. It is always a gift when, I don't know - grace descends like a blanket - and instant tears come to my eyes and I know, again, what an incredible gift the journey is. What an incredible gift it is to be sober and in recovery. I had a chance afterwards to spend some time with a young woman with 25 days of sobriety under her belt.

I'm off on a road trip today. I'm going to meet a real live blogger!! I haven't mentioned who it is or anything before because I haven't cleared it with the blogger if it's okay to mention names. I'm also going to meet up with someone I was an exchange student with 30 years ago. We haven't seen each other for nearly 25 years.



Anonymous said...

Go quote. Have fun, Hope!


Akannie said...

Hiya, Hope...

I love that Tolstoy quote. Indeed. All roads lead to God.
I found your site through Louisey's, the title got my attention. So glad I found you!!
Have a grand reunion today!

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend Hope. I wish that blogger was me!

Pam said...

Oh a road trip sounds fabulous right about now.
hey....I'm meeting up with 2 bloggers tonight!!

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Yay! Meeting Internet friends in real life is fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Staggering along, that's me.

Sounds like you're having a great time. Very cool that you're meeting a blogger.