Monday, September 29, 2008

Safe and Sound

Here I am awake and coherent after a middle of the night flight.
A good long sleep, some good food and here I am ready to face what's left of the day.
I'd forgotten the humidity in this neck of the woods.
It's much warmer than at home.
Trees are barely starting to turn colour.
At home they'll be on the ground when I return.

I went for a walk this afternoon.
An elderly gentleman was bringing out some recyclables just before the truck was going to pick them up. We had a nice little chat on the sidewalk. He's lived here 89 years, right across from the marina. I hope to be so alert and brimming with life at his age.


Owen said...

These moments are tiny gifts.

After reading a note on a cycling blog about smiling while biking I've been trying to do more of it.

Heidi Renee said...

so glad you're safe!! i almost picked up the phone to call you today and then i remembered you're not there... have a wonderful time in ontar-i-air-i-air-i-oh!

Anonymous said...

as nice as it would be to actually take a holiday together... i'm so happy to be home. enjoy your time.