Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'll Have A Cheeseburger Please

"I'm going out for supper."

With that I picked up my keys and turned around only to find dearest one looking at me rather quizzically. He'd just eaten leftovers for supper and the remainder was still out on the counter for youngest son to devour. I have a myriad of food allergies so I often cook one meal for them and another for me. I'd cooked enough for me at the beginning of the week to last me until lunch time. That was 5 hours ago. I didn't bother taking out anything for supper. I was still feeling resistant. It's not often that I wish we lived in the city but last night I wished I could just pick up the phone and order in supper.

I will never be crowned the Queen of Spontaneity. Which is why dearest one looked at me like I was a stranger. After he found his voice he offered to cook me supper but I declined. While I'm no longer the world champion control freak I used to be, neither do I easily take it in my stride when plans change on a dime (or a $20 bill in this instance.) But last night I looked around the kitchen and decided I. was. not. cooking. In moments like that I envy those of you who do live in a city and can order whatever food you're craving and have it delivered to your doorstep. The closest eatery is a 15 minute drive down the highway one way or 25 minutes the other. I thought about how much gas it would take to drive there and back, thought about how much ambition it would take to cook a meal and promptly got in my van and started driving. I have to say I enjoyed every bite of my cooked-by-someone-else meal.

I was walking out the door to head home when I saw something strange tacked to the community bulletin board. In amongst the signs of things for sale like bales of hay and Heinz 57 puppies was this neatly folded tan coloured tea towel. Pinned to it was a note that said it had been left behind at the community fair last month and if the owner saw it, to please take it home. I smiled to myself that such a method of finding the owner could be had in this day and age. I stood there looking at the tea towel wondering if it's owner was spontaneous. I nearly giggled out loud at the thought. Suddenly I didn't mind living far away from delivery pizza or take out Chinese food.


Owen said...

A treasure found.

daisymarie said...

I love this! We used to live in a town that had not eateries save a couple of nasty pizza joints. When we moved there the girls were 8 and 9. I overheard them talking to my MIL and explaining in horror that there wasn't even a McDonalds. We moved and in no time the put a Subway two doors down from our house.

I loved this story. I hope the towel makes it home!