Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's A Wrap

It's the middle of the night and I've been laying awake for over an hour already. I've had more bouts of insomnia since my friend died than I've had in the past 6 months. With all the hoopla around the wedding I fell into bed exhausted every night and slept like a baby.

So let's try to empty the nooks and crannies. Usually insomnia wreaks havoc when I go to bed with too many thoughts vying for my attention.

One of the funniest things I heard on the weekend was when my older sister said that they took turns pulling straws to see whose turn it was to be the backseat driver. She travelled with my parents and they all took turns driving. Remind me never to travel in the same vehicle as them. Dearest one has said from the beginning of me coming home from rehab last year that he knew I'd really changed when he got to the outskirts of the city and I hadn't once tried to tell him how to drive. There's hope for all of us if I can stop being a backseat driver.

Only daughter is still stranded in a city far away. Hopefully tomorrow her car will be roadworthy again and she can make it the rest of the way home. If not, then a family friend will haul her old car to her and bring the broken one back here. Dearest one had fixed up a new-to-her car for her return trip. The old one was old and on its last legs but obviously still is more dependable than the newer one. Eventually she'll make it home.

Oldest son and his new bride had minor car troubles yesterday. Thankfully their car righted itself without any need for mechanics or money. There's another week or so left of their honeymoon before they'll be back in town.

Youngest son made his way back to work yesterday after taking an extra day off to recuperate from the wedding. He was his brother's best man and had a busy weekend as well. Next week he returns to college and a different routine. At least we won't be going all different directions as he and dearest one can travel to town together.

Dearest one is feeling a tad overwhelmed this week. Students start back next week and he has lots of stuff to get ready before then. Combine that with taking 3 classes himself, plus teaching full time and getting a talk ready for a men's weekend and well, he is more than busy.

I spent yesterday in my pajamas. A fully lazy day. I read a book and took a nap and basically did nothing productive. Today I have an appointment at the sexual abuse center and tomorrow an appointment with Fr. Charlie. Friday is an at home day but the weekend is busy between AA commitments and a 25th wedding anniversary celebration for one of dearest one's siblings.

It's still hard to believe my family was actually here. There are lawn chairs still sitting around the fire pit and several times yesterday I gazed over that direction and closed my eyes and remembered how it sounded and looked to have them here.
It was wonderful.
It went too fast.

Kind of like life itself.

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