Tuesday, August 26, 2008

C'est La Vie

The dew is darn near frost on the grass this morning.
It dipped below freezing here last night.
That's so bizarre because I got a sunburn at the wedding.

It's too bad this is an anonymous blog because otherwise I could post photos
of the bride and groom and all the fun. Some of their friends have them up on facebook already, though.

Dearest one is back at work, youngest son is, too.
Only daughter had mechanical problems with her car
several hours from here yesterday. So she gets another
day off while that gets fixed.
Just a little while before she was stranded at the side of the road,
she and lover boy stopped for lunch. Across the street was one of those AAA places where you can buy coverage for things like needing a tow and all that jazz. She jokingly said that she should go across the street and buy some for when her car broke down. She didn't. Not too far down the road a rad hose blew and the car lost all its anti freeze.
C'est la vie.

When all the hoopla of the wedding started late last week
I knew it would feel like it was going by too fast.
I told myself to simply enjoy every moment as it arose.
I did pretty good at that.
It seems a bit surreal that my family was really here.
That my sisters and my mom and I all worked in the kitchen together.
That we sat around a camp fire and laughed and ate and had a good time.
There were kids running around or sitting on the grass gabbing with their cousins.

Today is a pajama day for me.
I'm tired, but not too tired.
I have several good books to read
and a dog that is lacking some serious lap time.
The rest of the week is full of appointments and
extended family celebrations of other kinds.
This is my day to do absolutely nothing.
I'm going to nestle in and enjoy it.


Owen said...

hoping it was just the day you needed and wanted.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Wow, you have had quite a few wonderful days! Congratulations to you on a wonderful year out of rehab. And congratulations to your son on his wedding. It sounded like he was so very happy and that's wonderful.

I hope your husband's migraines go away soon. I get those too and they're awful.

daisymarie said...

too bad is right, but i'm not as interested in the bride (forgive me) as I am in the pics of how lovely you must have looked!

annie said...

So glad it all went well!