Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Skippety Do Da

It's been a long but terrific day.
Shopping with my soon to be daughter in law
reminded me how much fun it is to shop with another woman.
Especially her.
I figured out I can suck my belly in
in order to get the dress to fit.
But there's no such thing as
sucking in one's boobs.
What a dilemna.

Went to an AA meeting that was fantabulous.
The meeting opened with just two of us.
15 minutes later five more had joined in.
Sat there realizing I was feeling incredible peace.

On my way to see a friend at the hospital
I passed the homeless shelter in town.
On the grass sat a woman singing her heart out
in the key of pain and suffering.
She was singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

My counseling appointment came next.
A hope filled session
complete with challenges and new insight.

Met dearest one and a friend for coffee.
Lots of joking and laughter and an opportunity
to be generous that was received with surprise and quiet acceptance.

Bought myself a toy to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.
I always wanted one of them as a kid and so I get to be
a kid again at 46.
That's how I'll be spending my birthday.
Skipping around and around and around.

Stood in line at the grocery store.
Privileged to be able to buy the basics
plus a treat.

Came home and soon the house was filled with friends
who came to listen to the radio documentary with us.
First they all took a turn with my new toy and we all got to be
kids together again.
Cheering each other on as we attempted and succeeded
in being more coordinated than we ever thought possible.
Then they sang me happy birthday
and I felt loved.

Listened and heard the radio piece as a story
instead of the cut and paste, cut and paste version
that's been reverberating
in my head.
I done good.

People sometimes belly ache
(sucking that belly in or not)
about getting older.
Like it's a burden
instead of a gift.
So, so much goodness.
My cup overflows.



dawna said...

happy birthday! glad you're pleased with the results of the documentary... and that does look like a fun toy!

Black Pete said...

Sounds good, Hopeskipandjump.

I caught the last 2 minutes of the radio broadcast (it was that kind of day), but it sounded very good.

I'll try and grab it on the CBC podcast.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, dear friend. Hey, I remember that toy! I think either my sister or I had one; big time fun. :^)

Sounds like it was a wonderful day. I'm glad you were surrounded by love. The documentary was excellent.


Lisa said...

yay! this post made me smile! an overflowing cup indeed.

Val said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Hope!!!

And I'm so glad that you CELEBRATE another year.

onionboy said...

Feels good feeling you feeling good.

daisymarie said...

i love your toy. i want a bubble blower. giggles.

i'm so glad this was such a special day!!!!!

happiest of all days with multitudes of blessings and splashes of joy!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Friend. I had a homemade toy like that when I was a kid. One leg of mom's nylons with a rubber ball in the end. It was lots of fun.
I'm so glad your day went well.

Black Pete said...

Hey Hopester, Out Front hasn't archived your segment yet: probably next week. In any case, I hope you got a cd of it.

Jim said...

Happy birthday, ma'am...

dirtydishes said...

Happy birthday Hope. I listened to documentary Thursday and it was just what I needed to hear on so many levels. Thank you so much for following through with it and God Bless.

Mary Poppins NOT said...

I just finished listening to the radio show (archived), and it was fabulous. Hopeful and peaceful. Lovely!!
And, belated birthday wishes, many years to you!

beth said...

Happy belated birthday, dear girl. And congratulations on a new chapter beginning! The radio piece was lovely - so moving, so honest, and so pure. You helped a lot of people with your story. I enjoyed it and felt nothing but redemption throughout.

Blessings today for smiles all around...