Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bone weary, heart happy

Thank you for the feedback on the radio documentary.
It does my heart good when people 'get it.'
It makes a difference to the producers as well.
I'm surprised by the number of people who cried during the listening.
Concentric circles where our stories intersect
create strong emotional responses.
If that's the wrong geometric figure excuse my mistake.
I've had little sleep in the past 24 hours.
A hot shower, some pain killers to ease the hip/knee/back pain
and I am off to la la land until tomorrow sometime.

I am bone weary yet heart happy after participating in
the Relay For Life last night.
The human body was never made to go 12 hours through the night
with 30 minutes of sleep.
Then again, it was never meant to grow cancer cells either.
I walked 4 to 5 hours of the 12.
You all know what a miracle and a privilege that is.

Here are two posts I wanted to share with you:
joyful subversion and subversive redux.


dirtydishes said...

Thanks for the links. I added her to my favorites. I love the Quaker church, although it has been some time since I have gone.

Anonymous said...

Definitely drawing the correct geometry for me, Hope. Yup. Details are different but the human experience overlaps to be sure.

My tears sprang from a couple of different places. They came from the feeling of human connection that I felt with you as well as with your mum and dad; hearing their voices (and yours of couse) made it so very real. The tears were both happy and sad; happy that you could release some of your story and sad about the hurt that happened that gave you the story in the first place.

The image of the family farm hits home as well. When my batchelor uncle died 5 years ago, we ended up putting the family farm up for sale and there was something bittersweet about standing on that land for the last time, knowing that a chapter is coming to a close.

I love Peggy the motorcycle preacher's blogs that you pointed out; thanks for that! Does my heart all kinds of good!

Have a good sleep, Hope.

Sue said...

You are amazing Hope. Rest well.