Monday, April 07, 2008

Life Giving Energy

Don't tell dearest one but I think I'm in love with the energizer bunny. She is one smart puppy. She knows my daily routine involves watching an hour of tv in the morning and when that tv goes off I usually go for a walk. So now when she hears the click, well, actually when she sees me point the remote control in the right direction, her ears go up and she starts getting excited. This is where I ask her if she wants to go for a walk and she starts howling her yes. Picture a wolf howling at the moon and then insert little pug face howling and you get the idea. I think it's adorable. Dearest one and youngest son think it's a crime worthy of a muzzle. So energizer bunny has learned to only howl about going for a walk when I'm the one doing the walking.

She sleeps in a kennel and not long after we got her I passed her kennel at bedtime and said, "night night." To which youngest son said, "Did you just say night night to a dog?" Yep, I did. And now when I say night night she trots down the hallway and into her kennel all on her own steam. I think that's cute.

She also recognizes my yoga clothes and knows that means she'll be in her kennel until yoga is done. At this she turns down her ears and tries to hide. Oh well, 2 out of three ain't bad.


Anonymous said...

Too too adorable. What a smart cookie.

Anonymous said...


Gerry ;)