Sunday, February 10, 2008


Energizer Bunny is trying to lick the keyboard. Maybe she's thanking it for not taking over my life the last 4 days. There's really not room for her to relax in any comfy way between me and the computer. Eventually she'll rest her head between my hands as I type, her nose in position to blow the dust away. Gotta love a pug.

It's been good being away from the computer.

The best part of my week was going to my AA meeting and having a newcomer there. A young man who dissolved into tears as he read the promises aloud. Sobbed. We were few in numbers; it was a privilege to share with him my experience, strength and hope. It was a privilege to see hope and relief in his eyes as we all shared with him and listened as he shared in return. One old timer kicked his butt good. I'm often scared when that happens, worried that it will turn the newcomer off. This guy though was really telling him the truth. The young man left with several phone numbers of memers to call and was urged to phone before he took the first drink.

The weather's been too cold to go out much. We were back down to -57C with windchill sometime yesterday but today the high is -18C and tomorrow is supposed to be +2C. Thank God for chinooks.

My friend who reccomended the yoga video told me that sometimes people cry when they do yoga. I've done the yoga video once and the final pose felt so peaceful. Tears welled up. They kept flowing over and I let them. It felt weird yet good.

I'm choosing to celebrate every little step forward I make when it comes to self care. Yesterday was better than it has been. Today is off to a good start as well. That's progress.
I'll take it.


Poor Mad Peter said...

So often, unless we're talking about fundamental needs not being met, life is a matter of accepting the hand you're dealt, and playing it.

HeyJules said...

Hope I didn't realize the energizer bunny was a PUG! You'll have to take a photo and send it to me so I can oooh and aaah over it!

daisydreamer said...

I've often thought about yoga, but there's no quiet place to do it in my house right little energizer bunny is too and all over the place! ")

You're such an encourager...I imagine the new guy felt quite blessed--even if his butt was a little "sore"

onionboy said...

We're feeling it our part of Canada but it's about 18 degrees less cold than where you are. I'm sure that news is comforting.

My self care has been to get back into daily drawing and I'm keeping a gratitude journal. Both are helping. I often enter a unique state of peace when drawing and when I'm biking too, although there isn't any of the latter going on right now. The yoga I'll leave to you and the energizer.

Jim said...

Do you ever go back and read any of your archives? There is such a peace and strength that oozes from your present writing. Your spirit gives a witness of great things having been accomplished and of a wisdom knowing the journey doesn't end here. We escaped last night's predictions with an inch of ice and slush on the ground this morning. Glad I'm here, not there...