Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hopping Off The Pity Pot

Life is slowly returning to normal around here. I found myself teary yesterday, writing in my journal and trying to process my feelings. Eventually I decided to have a full blown pity party, if only for the day.

Two things happened yesterday to bring that to an abrupt end. I received word that my girlfriend from college - her mom passed away from a heart attack yesterday. And secondly, as I was about to post about my pity party on here last night I looked out the window to see the flashing lights of emergency vehicles on the hill in the distance. Soon the sound of an ambulance helicopter was over head. Having gone through a few family emergencies requiring such sounds I stopped and prayed for those involved. Their nightmare's just beginning.

My girl friend's mom was one of the first people I openly ridiculed because she was a Christian. I was an atheist in college and very quick to point out the humanity of those who professed any kind of faith. Ever reminding them they were less than perfect. One time we were sending my friend's mom flowers when she had surgery. She had told me she'd be fine because of her faith. At which I promptly ridiculed her. In her thank you card she reminded me that her faith had seen her through. Grrr.

I'm sure she prayed for me then.
I'm sure she's praying for me now.


Ella said...

I'm rigth there with you. Keep the hope. I'm trying too. It isn't easy at times.

Peace Out,


Anonymous said...

I have openly ridiculed as well so I hear ya. A very dear friend of mine's mom died a few weeks before Christmas; it certainly did have an impact on the "festivities" for me this year as I know how much sorrow it brought my friend.

Can't seem to really shake the blues and the blahs lately; feels like a hangover from trying to remain even-keeled in the midst of too much stress for too long. Perhaps pity parties happen to help us re-balance our feelings??

Heidi Renee said...

i too have been teary and out of sorts. the fear of the ambulance coming to our door has me tied in knots lately.

i'm sure she's praying for you, just as i am. miss you.