Friday, December 07, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Today would've been my brother Rodney's 47th birthday. I wrote about him here last year. He died two days after his birth. I wrote about him in my journal this morning...always wondering what life would have been like had he lived. That maybe he would have grown into a brother I could be friends with as an adult. My other two brothers don't communicate with me other than my older brother calling me once a year on my birthday. I realize Rodney could very likely have chosen to do the same but still I wonder.


daisymarie said...

My brother doesn't communicate with me either. I called him before he went overseas last Nov (06)--he's in Bagdad with the army. He chose the army to be his family and expects us to understand. I don't like it, but it's even sadder that he expects his kids to understand it too.

Judith said...

I'm the only child of two only children, so, aside from my husband and kids, I have no one left. Now and again I pine for siblings, but then I hear my friends tell horror stories -- I have one friend with 6 brothers and sister, and none of them speaks to any of the others!

So maybe this isn't so bad!

onionboy said...

Had our son Joel lived more than 44 hours he would be 20 now. We miss him. On the sibling front I and both my sibs are in fairly regular contact.

O ::thrive luminousmiseries ||

hobo said...

It is sad when seemingly all we have in common with our siblings is genetics, truly sad. It is also reality for some of us, for whatever reasons, difference of religious affiliation, (not necessarily foundational beliefs) being a big one in my case. I am blessed with semi-close relationships with several of my nine remaining sibs.