Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Intense Shades Of Blue

There is a beautiful winter blue sky out there this morning. I guess that's the price of cold weather - because that intense shade of blue only comes with the cold! It was -17 C this morning and some of our windows were frosted over. I plan on enjoying a walk outside today. Yesterday was almost a write off - I had to go back to bed and sleep for 4 hours before I could function. I was tempted to panic because that kind of exhaustion was par for the course before I went to treatment in August. But I didn't. I simply listened to my body and chalked it up to the emotional toll of two separate counseling sessions the day before. This too shall pass.

Here are a few posts I've read lately that are worthy of a second look:

This one made me realize I would use an MP3 player if I had one: Of Richard Rohr and Parker Palmer. And with only dial up and no MP3 player I'm envious of those of you who can go ahead and listen to the links!

This post made me laugh out loud. I do love a good chuckle: A Silly Poor Gospel. Her whole blog is worth the read.

This is another post from A Silly Poor Gospel which I've gone back and reread several times: Covered Dish.

And in a different direction here is a post that might be offensive to some so consider yourself warned. I like the woman's honesty and humour.Beyond Blue. A totally different kind of blue than a winter sky.

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