Friday, October 19, 2007

Stubborn Will

The end of a tough week.
Well, not the end yet.
But almost.
another counseling session.
where's my purpose? I cry.
Tears pool
and spill over.
A deep cry
from my core.
It brings
New self awareness.
An awareness I thought
I'd mastered.
Guess not.
More work.
Deeper work.
PSFD (my acronym full of swear words)
One day at a time.
One step at a time.
I can do this.
I can.
I will.
God help me.


Poor Mad Peter said...

I had two students crying in my office at different times this week, in crisis and not knowing where to turn. Your post reminds me we're all in this together, Hope. Your tears are, in a sense, the same tears cried here in my office. And your hope is all our hope.

wilsonian said...

You can do this...
you can do this.

onionboy said...

Deeper work...dig.

O | (art & faith) | {faith & art}

Seeker said...

Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog and wish you well. Hang on in there; with God's help, you can do this!