Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jingle, Bells, Jingle

This morning dearest one and youngest son went out the door together, headed for college. A few days before I went to treatment dearest one started working at the college as an instructor and one of the perks of his job is that family members get to attend college tuition free. Youngest son is starting some upgrading courses today, hoping to eventually be able to take some post secondary classes. I home schooled my kids for 15 years so this week will be youngest son's first experience of being in a classroom. He excited and nervous, as you can well imagine. He said it would just be so much easier to get a job than go to school.

I'm headed to town in a bit to have lunch with one of the members of my group from treatment. We haven't seen each other since we left the building and it will be good to catch up and laugh. She makes me laugh a lot. I phoned her on the weekend because I wanted to visit a bit with someone before I head over the the sexual abuse center for my first appointemnt. Seeing my friend will be like getting a pep talk that I can indeed do this.

Before I do all that though I think I'm headed out the door for a walk. I say "think" because twice in the last week I've seen bear droppings on the side of the road. The road I'm walking on. Like just down my driveway and a bit. Maybe if I just look out my living room window I could see the bear full stride. I hope not! Today I'm going to be buying bear bells. They look like those bells that horses used to have on their collars while pulling the buggy to Sunday go to meeting times. Bear bells come on a piece of belting that I can fasten to my belt loop and hopefully it makes enough noise that the bear goes one way and I go the other. Just last month a man from around here had a grizzly bear charge him and he stabbed it to death. Yes, stabbed. That's how close the bear got. The bear that's doing his business on the side of the road is most likely a black bear.

Days like today I miss my treadmill.


Poor Mad Peter said...

Clapping your hands every once in a while works, too, as does whistling. The whole idea is, do Not startle Mr. or Ms. Bear! :)

Pru said...

I am filled with envy at hearing about youngest brother's ability to by-pass the Student Finance centre...I'm sure I'm as green as the borders on your blog.

But it will pass. Yes, it will pass...

Grace, Every Day said...

So what's worse? Treatment and facing all the mess in your soul (and conquering it - you go, girl!) or dealing with a silly ol' black bear? Girl, you can handle that bear! Take 'im down! You are STRONG!

Just being silly...be careful.

Be blessed.

daisymarie said...

I'm afraid I would need more than bells. How 'bout a megaphone, into which you could LOUDLY announce, "Okay bears. I'm taking a walk. Back off....please."

Sue said...

I agree with Grace, you've been facing giants, what's one little ole bear?