Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bucket Handles

Dearest one decided after his bone scan came back fine to go to the chiropractor to see if he could get some relief. He had been worried if something was wrong with his bones that a chiropractor could make it worse.

Wow. He had what is called a bucket handle sublexation......the rib was stuck hinged out - a bit of adjusting and he felt like a different person. Still a bit sore but his appetite came back and the nausea went away and last night he slept better than he has in many months!! A few more times of adjustments and he should be back to normal.

So we are more than grateful. Also feeling a tad bit silly - worrying and worrying and it ended up being an easy fix. Who would have thought a rib out of place could cause such pain? And that the doctors couldn't figure it out! What happens to the person who doesn't do chiropractors and they are in chronic pain?

Heaving a huge sigh of relief here. I am sure you are too.

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