Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Little Notebook

I think I make a lousy tourist. Bookstores. That is really the only thing that interests me when I go far away from home. Well, the people I am visiting as well, but if they take me to a bookstore(as one friend did last week) that gets them bonus points! That makes me think of a time 20 years ago when I took my mother in law to a fabric shop because they had this sale and she makes all her own clothes. What did she really want to do? Go to a bookstore. She's my kind of gal. We left on trips at the same time last week and both of us had visions of bookstores in far off places.

I go into bookstores with my little notebook and write down the title of every book that interests me. Books I might like to own but don't want to fork out the money for until I know they are keepers. After visiting 3 bookstores in 2 different cities I came home with 30+ books on my list to order from the library. Maybe 3 will make it onto the must have list. Memoirs, writing reference books and the religion section are where I go looking. Next month I am going to start writing my own book. I have three works of fiction (one adult, one young adult and one picture book) riding around in my head but I am really tempted to write a memoir. Writing a memoir at this point in my life though seems a tad big headed. Well, writing a blog post does some days too. :)

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