Monday, August 28, 2006

Brother (Sister) Can You Spare a Prayer?

I need some prayer. So does dearest one. We make a sorry, but contented couple tonight. Contented with one another. Contented with life in general. Dearest one is home tonight after finishing up his summer obligations at a hospital 125 kms away. He has taken a transfer to a health care facility (he's a RN) within commuting distance. It will be wonderful to have him home more. But both of us are battling the physical right now and we are weary. Today consisted of sitting and more sitting for me. Just going from my chair to the kitchen made my heart rate go in the 120+ range. It's been like that for many days. I am no more rested than I was this morning. No more spoons than I had when I woke up. I haven't used my peak flow meter to measure my lung output in so long that I can't find it now when I need it. I was so sure I wouldn't need it again. C'est la vie.

Back in May I wrote about dearest one's health issues. The powers that be ended up thinking it was bruised ribs but he is still in considerable discomfort. Our family doctor is not convinced of the initial diagnosis. Tomorrow is his CT scan at last. Of course we hope it is only bruised ribs in the end but he hasn't felt well since April. . We are hoping/not hoping the CT scan gets him an accurate diagnosis.

My spoon supply is so low right now I wouldn't even go to town tomorrow except I believe everyone needs support when they go through medical tests. I think we will be waiting a week at least for the results. I have learned to embrace mystery in much of life's journey but when it comes to dearest one and his health I would be grateful for this mystery to be solved.

Thank you for praying.

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