Monday, April 10, 2006

Tagged bobbie over at emerging sideways.

Name 5 experiences of the performing arts that have touched or tickled you.

1. Being in a grade 5 musical which included the song "King of the Road". ...trailers for sale or rent, rooms for just 50 cents....

2. Going to my first live theatre experience in grade 11 to see Romeo and Juliet. At the intercession our teacher leaned over and whispered to us girls that in case we didn't know it the male actor Romeo was wearing a jock strap. Turned us into a blushing, giggling mush.

3. Writing and performing my own monologue in church about a woman who was telling the story of Jairus's daughter. There won't be a repeat performance even though I got good feedback. The character that popped into my head who narrated the story however, keeps trying to tell me other stories she witnessed and wants to share. I keep telling her to stop stalking me.

4. Seeing only_daughter perform in her first public performance in professional theatre last December.

5. Looking forward to seeing only_daughter in her second play (yes, that's her in the poster!) in professional theatre in only 12 days from now! Go girl go!!

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