Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Gotta Have....

...a sense of humour to survive in our household. I am married to the king of quick comebacks so that serves us well. I have often said that if it weren't for him we would have a very serious household indeeed. My luck all three kids have inherited his sense of humour so there you go. God bless them all.

Last night at the supper table I saw my son for the first time since Saturday. Remember my desire to stop stabbing him with my words? God help me, I'm learning. I start up what I think is normal conversation. Before too long I say outloud, "I have to shut up now." My king of humour looks at me and asks, "Why?" I tell him, "Because otherwise I am going to start ranting any minute." There is a split second of silence before I add, "Okay, I already did." We both burst into laughter and he admits that in that split second silence he was thinking the same thing. Oh, I am laughing outloud again as I type that. It was as if the Holy Spirit had been tapping insistently on my shoulder and telling me to shut up. Now I haven't had a problem thinking God has a sense of humour, nor Jesus but this is the first time I have ever thought that perhaps the Holy Spirit was laughing right along with us, too.

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