Thursday, January 05, 2006

Searching For God Knows What

I swear I am losing my mind. Well, my family knows I have lost it but I am still trying to pretend it's all there. You know those memes going around listing 5 weird things about the poster - you might find out 5 weird things about me without me even trying to do the meme.

Went to town today to see the doctor. My hubby made out just fine....a stress test for him in a few weeks and we'll be reassured his heart is fine. Huge sigh of relief. He's not feeling himself exactly so we sure hope the stress test shows there is truly nothing wrong with his heart.

Went to use bank card to withdraw cash but typed in the number wrong 3 times. Miraculously the machine did not eat the card for lunch but it now refuses to acknowledge the real pin number. Wonderful town where bank card is from is 110 kms in the other direction. Left town with no groceries.

Get home and pet dogs on the way into the house. All three of them. Forget I've done that until after I've ripped the plastic wrap off the pizza pops and put them on a plate. I only remember when I get that distinct doggie smell wafting up to greet me. Petting a dog and then touching food without washing my hands in between is enough to make me panic? In my haste to wash my hands I throw plastic wrap dangerously close to lit burner on which the tea kettle is sitting. Did I mention that a few weeks ago I turned on the kettle and forgot about it - and forgot to notice that the burner didn't light until after the gas had filled the house for over 20 minutes? My guardian angel was working over time that day and it is a miracle that me and the house didn't get blown up. Today I went into the livingroom to read a snippet from Donald Miller's book (I forget its name, sorry - but somehow I know you aren't surprised. Oh, now I remember(honestly I didn't remember until at least 10 minutes after I typed that - it's called Searching For God Knows What) and came back to the kitchen when the microwave beeped to tell me the pizza was done. I get in the kitchen and think, oh I turned the kettle on.

In fifteen minutes my husband will be back with the bank card all fixed up and off we will go in the other direction to buy groceries. Miscalculated there. Here he is now. There's probably not 5 weird things about me in this post but I tried.

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