Monday, September 19, 2005

Voluntary Vulnerability

It was a great weekend. There is still much to sift through; notes to go over and questions for reflection to ponder. It is a new experience to be in a spiritual setting where open ended questions are asked instead of questions that have 'right' answers. I am embarrassed at how much I am in a 'right or wrong' mentality when it comes to most of life. I've criticized others for this very mentality but found it is alive and at home in my own head too.

The presenters this past weekend were more interested in what God was saying to each one of us about the topics we discussed than that we had some 'right' answer they were looking for. It was a refreshing way to be taught although I found myself panicking sometimes, in search of the right answer, instead of looking within for what I thought. With another 7 weekends between now and May to get comfortable with this process, I will no doubt get lots of practice.

Most memorable thought for me came from one of my classmates: Trust is - voluntary vulnerablility.

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