Monday, September 05, 2005

A Sweet Aroma

The tiny church I go to sits by itself on a parcel of land about half a mile off the highway. It is so secluded, on a mostly unused road, that my in laws had no idea where it was and they have lived in this community nearly 50 years. There is one house close by but other than that it is surrounded by a few trees and fields of grain. The church grounds are home to all kinds of wildlife. Earlier this year we were greeted by a mama groundhog protecting her babies under the old Sunday School Cabin. The lady next door said that one year a family of foxes made their home under the church. It should have come as no surprise then that a skunk saw this site as a possible new home too. No one knows whether it died under the church and I have no idea how we will figure that out, but we were greeted by a skunky smell through and through yesterday as we entered the building. I had parked my van in the shade of the trees and left the windows open so that it wouldn't be too hot after Mass. My van now has a faint skunk smell to the whole interior and my clothes even worse. When I left Father C. was lighting incense and was planning on going through the whole church. I have no idea if God is wrinkling his nose or having a chuckle. Maybe both?

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