Thursday, September 01, 2005

Counting To 200

Sitting here with insomnia; hence the next 100 list. It's easier to do this than write a proper post.

101. Decaf Chai Spice is my favourite tea
102. I have never been a coffee drinker
103. The guys in my home drink more than my share of coffee
104. I carry a cell phone but don't know what the number is
105. Once I asked someone who called me on it what the number was
106. We sure laughed about that
107. No, I am not blonde
108. I don't mean to offend anyone by #107
109. I'm pretty crabby if woken up from a sleep
110. I got an orange bike with a black banana seat when I turned 9
111. By the end of the day I could ride it
112. I'm never going to make it to number 200
113. I sent in a submission to a book on home schooling tonight
114. I made the submission deadline with less than 45 minutes to spare
115. Procrastination is my greatest motivator
116. That is embarrassing to admit
117. When I was a teenager I requested a nose job for several Christmases in a row
118. My mom always laughed at my request and I never got one
119. I am okay with that today
120. In grade seven I was bullied
121. In grade eight I was the bully
122. I am always amazed that people remember me
123. I worked as a telephone operator at an answering service on one of those switchboards like on I Love Lucy
124. I memorized 100 phone numbers
125. It was my all time favourite job
126. I promise this will be my last 100 list
127. Bay City Rollers were my heroes way back when
128. I prefer cut flowers from a garden to those from a florist shop
129. Chocolate though is preferred over everything
130. I've had 6 pregnancies and 3 live births
131. My babies were all over 8 and a half pounds
132. My shortest labour was one hour and 20 minutes
133. Are we there yet?
134. My favourite article of clothing is pajamas
135. I would pick mascara over lipstick
136. I want my grandchildren to call me Nana
137. My sister and I used to refill part of my mom's Vodka bottle with water
138. We would find it hidden under the cabinet in her powder room
139. It never occurred to me to drink any of it
140. Thank God
141. Since Hurricane Katrina I've realized the only things of value I would hope to take with me are my journals and photos
142. It has made me wonder then why I would want to buy more stuff
143. I think I have a more closed hand than an open one
144. I wonder what it will take for me to keep my hand open
145. Hopefully something less permanent than death
146. I didn't mean that to sound morbid
147. Just honest
148. I've always wanted to play a tambourine
149. Since our eldest son moved out I am the last one on the computer every night
150. And often the first one on it in the morning
151. I do sleep in between
152. I crochet baby blankets and afghans
153. I cross stitch too
154. These hobbies filled my creative itch during the years when I didn't write
155. Words are like candy to me
156. They are addictive and I like the way they taste in my mouth
157. If that makes any sense
158. Eudora Welty's One Writer's Beginnings is my favourite book on writing
159. When I write a good sentence I bounce around in my spirit like Tigger
160. Tomorrow is funeral #6 of people I know in the space of the last 5 weeks
161. The oldest was 91 and the youngest 54
162. It's too many
163. Two summers ago I sat at a funeral and looked at a stained glass window
164. I couldn't make out what the picture was of but it had a red part in the middle
165. As I was sitting there looking at it I heard these words echo in my spirit:
166. "That is my heart throbbing for you"
167. This was before I had ever heard of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
168. I think of that every time I go to Mass and see the statue of the Sacred Heart
169. I cringe most times when I hear people talk about what God said to them
170. I want to write them off as fanatics with great imaginations
171. But I don't want anyone writing me off as one
172. I think it's called having a double standard
173. It's not pretty is it?
174. I have lots of them double standards
175. Many more than 200
176. The last movie I watched was the HBO movie called "Wit"
177. Emma Thompson is one of my favourite actors
178. Daily Reflections for Ragamuffins is my most used devotions book
179. I could write a list just about books
180. But I won't
181. In a few days it will be the 24th anniversary since my husband and I met in person (see #69)
182. And a few days after that we will celebrate the anniversary of our engagement
183. Despite all we have been through he can still make my heart go flip flop
184. He had a 1979 Ford half ton way back when and we still have one
185. Riding with him in it makes me feel much younger than I am
186. When we met I couldn't tell the difference between a Ford and a Chev
187. Only the difference between a truck and a car
188. He remedied that
189. I can now tell you if it is a 1977 or 78 or 79 Ford half ton
190. Impressive only if you like Ford's
191. Or maybe not
192. When we play that "punch buggy no return" game I never punch anyone first
193. Today I got punched (very lightly) twice before I even saw the volkswagon
194. It was green
195. I still bend the corners on my library books sometimes
196. I feel guilty pleasure when I do it
197. Only stubbornness has kept me at this list
198. My insomnia was over 50 numbers ago
199. I hope you slept well last night
200. I plan on it

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