Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Every 5 Minutes

Funeral plans for my friend are almost all finished. My part is finished. It has to be. I spent the night in ER last night being monitored for heart arrythmias. Not a good thing. Too complicated with my other health issues for the doc in this little hospital to deal with. Tried to get ahold of my family doc today and he is gone on holidays. Tried the specialist close by and she is gone until next week. Booked appointments with them both. Got hooked up to a Holter Monitor for the next 48 hours. I look like I am wired like a suicide bomber. This is one way for my body to get my attention so that I will remember I have limitations. You get this piece of paper with the monitor where you are supposed to write down every time you have symptoms - my heart is flip flopping every 5 minutes. Finally I just wrote on the form - every 5 minutes. I thought that made more sense than writing in a time for every 5 minutes in the next 48 hours!

Would appreciate prayer - I need to stay in my pjs(that will be easy) for the next two days and I need the arrythmias to go away.

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