Sunday, May 29, 2005

"And They Gave Me No Comfort At All"

There are days when I say bring back the paper and pens and write the old fashioned way. Ban the keyboard. Kill the idiot whose sole job it is to go around cyberspace and steal the written word. Today is one of those days. Argh. Earlier I had written a post - pushed the button to save it as a draft, so I could mull it over before I posted it, - and *poof* it was gone into cyberspace - it's out there being held hostage.

Then I read in my current book courtesy Ragamuffin Diva :"I died in my opinions. And they gave me no comfort at all." I had to laugh at myself. I DO like my opinions. In the seclusion of my head they oft give me the greatest comfort. Like a horse, despite the bit in its mouth, I try to run away with them. I try not to spout them from my soapbox (what exactly is a blog for then?) but I still have them and caress them and keep them company. I'm not saying having opinions is wrong - it's a real good thing to know what a person thinks and believes. But I do like (need) a reminder every now and again not to take my opinions so seriously. I think I'll hit the "publish post" button now!

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