Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Sweeping Arms of Grace

Do you ever wonder what grace looks like? I think in my mind it is like a huge weeping willow tree - arms of grace sweeping the earth, sheltering us all. Today I wanted to kick someone out of its arms until they could smarten up and be what I wanted them to be. I long to be a gracious person. Someone who is so secure in whose she is that she has no problem extending that grace to all, especially those who she doesn't want to be gracious to. I so ain't there yet.

Today was too hard to be Catholic in a sea of Protestants. That is too general of a statement. Not totally fair. Maybe I just make too big of a deal of it all. See in my mind I feel like I should be able to extend grace when I am getting spiritually puked on. Or hand out baby wipes at least. I would tell you all the details of a private conversation I had today but I know my motive would just be soliciting sympathy for my point of view. There is just so much misunderstanding amongst believers and it is unnecessary. We don't need to focus on it yet I find myself doing it too. I want to demand grace for myself yet not give it. Ugh.

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