Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Leaving On a (Jet) Plane

Have been to and from my medical appointment already and survived quite nicely the ride in a 182 Cessna. Didn't even take any medication to calm me down. The view was wonderful. It was great to see the mountains again. Our pilot was a wonderful guy who thanked us for giving him a reason to fly his plane. It was a good experience and I would go again anytime. There were just a few times when I looked at the tiny plane that surrounded me and thought how absurd it was that it was keeping us up in the air.

The appointment itself....well. I'm about fed up with doctors. It would be so nice if they would stop giving me conflicting information and come to a consensus about my health issues. There are 5 different doctors involved and they all see it differently. But I did speak up for myself instead of just thinking certain thoughts. It was a huge step for me to tell the doctor that I didn't feel listened to.

For now I will just continue to lose weight. There is a bit of discrimination going on from the medical establishment concerning certain health issues I have and confusing them with the extra weight. I sat there and wondered what they would be saying to me if I weighed 50 pounds less. I am going to find out. Stubborn girl that I am.

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